Donna Westover Gallup

~ author of the Colorado Frontier Fiction series ~

White as Snow (Book 1)

Rock of Refuge (Book 2)

In Green Pastures (Book 3)

The Crimson River (Book 4)

About Donna ...

In her own words, Donna is "the mother of three grown daughters, the mother-in-law of two wonderful men, and the grandmother of three of the world's sweetest boys." Recently married to Don Shaw, her name is now Donna Westover Shaw. But to fans of this series, she will always be the beloved author, Donna Westover Gallup. Donna and Don live in Pueblo, Colorado with their boxer, Cheyenne. They enjoy living in the area "where Charlie lived."

Donna has dedicated her time to her writing ministry; but in her free time she likes to golf, go boating, and explore the colorful state of Colorado. Her desire is to convey God's love through her writing and other ministries.

    Q/A with Donna ...
1. When did you decide to become a writer?

Donna: I dabbled in creative writing in high school where I wrote several short stories that were published in our high school magazine. I also played the guitar and wrote several songs, mostly ballads and country gospel. Then when I married and started raising my family, I put the guitar and the pen down and dedicated myself to my family. Years later, when the girls were grown and on their own, a little story popped into my head. I heard loud and clear the simple message from the Lord: "Write!"

2. How did you think up the story of Charlie, the main character in your Mysterious Ways series? When you started out, did you plan to write only one book or did you plan a series from the beginning?

Donna: When that story popped into my head, it was a thought about a boy who meets someone very special at Christmas time. That boy was Charlie Smith, the main character in the series. I was only going to write one book; but as I started to write the chapters, I realized it needed to be a series.

3. Your characters are so believable, and the plots flow so naturally, that the writing must come easily to you. Is that true?

Donna: Some of it was easy, and often therapeutic for me; but some of it was a real struggle. I don't write from an outline; I write from my heart. If the words flow well, if they clearly reveal the emotions of the characters, if they touch anyone's heart at all, it is because God was touching me.

4. What year or time period in history would you have liked to live? Why?

Donna: I often say I was born 150 years too late. I love the Old West -- cowboys, horses, ranches, log cabins -- and did I say horses? As a small child, I only wanted to play with the plastic cowboys and Indians. I had a bouncy horse that I rode so hard it would come inches off the ground (scared my mother to death). I was most comfortable in jeans and a cowboy hat.

5. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Donna: Caroling! I especially love caroling in the snow. I love being in a large group of singers, holding candles, bundled to the Nth degree, and harmonizing together ... then topping it off with hot chocolate!

6. What writing ideas are you working on now?

Donna: I have a couple of stories running through my head. Both are fictitious -- with historical/biblical truths.

7. I know you like to interact with your readers. Where on the Internet can they find you?

Donna: On my website: www.NorthStarStories.com

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