A Cancer Survivor's Sketchbook Story

by Mark Fraley

A moving story for anyone who has been through cancer or anyone who knows someone who has been through cancer. As a young husband and father, artist Mark Fraley walked through a four-year battle with the disease. Even when pain and treatments stole his ability to work or focus for periods of time, he captured moments of his journey as images, thoughts, and prayers in the sketchbooks that were his constant companions. Creation of Calm brings together those illuminating moments, and the result is honest art, wrenching emotions, a little humor, and authentic spirituality. Mark's story shows that even in the midst of pain and uncertainty, one can find a place of peace and calm.

Paperback, Illustrated, 168 pages, $13.99

ISBN: 9780989101424



The Story of the Shelter Hostel in Eilat, Israel

by Judith Galblum Pex

Make yourself available to God, and He will use you in ways you can't imagine! You will be convinced of this as you read the story of John and Judy Pex and their conversions as hippies roaming the world in the 1970s to their immigration to Israel, and how the door opened for them to start a hostel near the Red Sea. In the volatile and highly-charged atmosphere of the Middle East, the Shelter is a point of reconciliation between believers and non-believers, Jews and non-Jews, Israelis and Arabs, all staying together under one roof. For people from over ninety countries the Shelter Hostel has provided a beacon of light and a welcoming home for thirty years, as the Pexes use their gifts of hospitality and evangelism. Enjoy these touching and humorous stories that reveal how the Lord uses ordinary people to participate in His extraordinary work.

Paperback, with Photos, 264 pages, $12.99

ISBN: 9780989101448



A Novel by Templa Melnick

Historical/ Frontier

Writing out of her love of research, as well as her personal experience, spiritual insights, and story-telling talent, debut author Templa Melnick has penned a rich novel set in 1904 Colorado. In the boomtowns and encampments of the Colorado gold rush, when gold fever turned men's heads and hearts, how did women survive? When families began moving into towns comprised mostly of saloons and brothels, how were they affected by the conflicts arising between ranchers, miners, Indians, railroads and bankers? What difference did one woman make with her pioneer courage, mountain-savvy skills, and praying heart? Learn more...

Paperback, 272 Pages, $13.99


News of our Authors

The latest book by Judith Galblum Pex, Come, Stay, Celebrate will be translated and published in Dutch by Novapres in The Netherlands.

Catherine Lawton will teach a workshop and meet with prospective authors at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference in Estes Park, Colorado, May 13-16.

Carol O'Casey and her husband will co-teach a course on Wonder and Creation Care at Northwest Christian University, and one of the required texts is Carol's book, Unwrapping Wonder.

Also, Carol is working with A Rocha (Christian Conservation Organization) to develop a program to increase people's awareness of the wonder of nature/creation. In this fun, educational program called DUCK Days (Discover, Understand, Care & Keep) Carol will lead half-day trips along the Deshutes River in Oregon. Families from local churches will actively engage in learning about, and becoming stewards of, God's creation.

Templa Melnick, author of Season of Forgiveness, will be teaching at a women's retreat at Deer Valley Ranch April 10-12, and then teaching classes on healing prayer in Grand Junction, Colorado, April 14-16.

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